Statement regarding Harbor House

We’ve been hard at work, behind the scenes, and allowing those with more power and knowledge to take the reins on certain issues. I am extremely excited to post some updates on where we’re at, where we’re going, and some of the changes that have taken place because of voices that refuse to be silenced.

Today, we will not provide all those updates (look for them to come out in the next 7 days) but we will release a brief statement regarding a newsworthy story.

Over the last few days, I’ve received several emails asking about the termination of Carol Wick, the Executive Director at Harbor House. Some have assumed or asked if the blog titled An Open Letter to Mrs. Bush was referencing Harbor House.

As a rule, I do not name shelters directly on this blog. I do not name them because I do not have a personal vendetta against specific shelters. I take issue with ALL centers in Florida that are currently overseen by the FCADV. It’s the system in Florida that I take issue with, not one specific shelter. It was, however, my experience with one shelter that opened my eyes to the many problems in Florida’s Domestic Violence Industry. Make no mistake about it; it is an industry at this point… and a profitable one at that.

That being said, because of the inquiries and questions surrounding the termination of this Executive Director, I feel I should clarify that the blog post titled An Open Letter to Mrs. Bush is NOT about Harbor House, nor is it about Carol Wick.

I do not personally know Carol Wick. I can’t say we’ve never met, as I spent 5 years working for a shelter and attending numerous FCADV related events. It’s possible we ran into each other. Truthfully, I do not recall.

I will say that when I posted An Open Letter to Mrs. Bush, every Executive Director of every certified shelter was emailed the link and given an option to respond. We only heard from 4 Executive Directors (out of 42) and Carol Wick was one of those 4. She was polite in her response and provided Harbor House’s financial portrait (you can view that here:

That is my entire experience with Harbor House and I have no more information about Harbor House or the Executive Director.

Until next week…



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