Resources from The Open Letter

I stated that Mrs. Bush was on the Board of the FCADV foundation – you can view that 990 here: FCADV 2013 FOUNDATION.

Regarding House Bill 1099 2003: Florida Voice 2003 Summer

FCADV’s yearly counseling hours can be found here

I mention that FCADV has peer counseling. You can read about that in their minimum standards. FCADV Program Standards FY 2011-12

I quoted statistics from the DOJ National Fatality Review, you can read the entire review here: National Fatality Review

I mention how underfunded mental health services are in Florida. Read up on that here

To take a look at the latest finances of the FCADV, see their 990, you can also view the ED’s salary here: FCADV 2012 990

To complete the chart of national salaries, I first visited the National Coalitions list of centers. I then went to and looked up EACH of the centers and downloaded the 990 tax forms for each one. I put that data into this file: State_National Coalition ED Salarys

If you would like to read about other programs that are doing better and addressing co-traumas, take a look here

A word about the shelter I mention:

At this time, I have not posted the name, memos, salaries, etc of this shelter. However, as things progress – I will. If you wish to see them, simply email me a request at


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